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Site inspections  -  Sidewalks  -  Driveways  -  Patios/Decks    Roofs  -  Chimneys  -  Skylights  -  Gutters  -  Venting   Basements/Crawl Spaces  -  Floor Structures                   Heating & Cooling  - Gas/Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Ductwork - Electric Panels  -  Electric Service Lines    Switches/Outlets    Electric Circuits  -  Water Lines & Fixtures   Drainage Systems  -  Water heating Systems  -  Interior Walls/Ceilings  -  Fireplaces  -  Stairways  -  Doors  -  Attics    Insulation  -  Vapor Barriers  -  Attic Ventilation  -  Roof Structure 

An inspection is to be an objective visual examination of the current condition of the property you are considering.  The inspection will describe the condition of the property and components and indicate what items that will be in need of immediate attention or future major repair or replacement. The inspection will meet the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) standards of practice and code of ethics.  ASHI  is recognized as the oldest and leading authority in the home inspection industry

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